Something that distinguishes the civilized societies of humans and their pets is a healthy living space and personal hygiene.

Our company Agricultural and Property Management deals specifically with agricultural services and disinfections health importance of residential areas, schools, hotels, industries, shops and stores of food and clothing, Barn (SILO), fodder plants, hospitals, ships, etc.

Having our skilled staff with the most modern equipment, we cover all the needs that may occur on the following described work as disinfestation, rat extermination and pest control techniques as well as spray mist applications (fogger), and rodent control programs.

If you experience issues, inside or outside of your business or private environment as well as at your garden of your property, with flies, mosquitos gnats, moths, fleas, bug, ants, cockroach, rats, insects stored products, grub insects (canker, etc. ), or other pests, we always have the indicated solution, giving priority to the environment and human safety.

If in your professional field trouble insect agricultural products, we have the knowledge and equipment to use insecticides, reactive gases, etc., using secure methods of each application and delivery of your product in a safe condition.

If you are a freelancer and you have a problem with bare cockroach, there is a solution avoiding extensive sprays.

If you are concerned about woodworm problems, there are conventional solutions such as soaking with specific insecticides and methods of use of reactive gases (Fumigations).

If you want to protect your favorite pets from these harmful insects causing kalazar or ehrlichiosis, without overloading the body with chemicals, medicines and sprays, there is also a solution.


The Agricultural and Property Management draws on the expertise of experienced, colleagues, scientists, and professors of Agricultural University of Athens, who are consultants, giving priority to the environment and humans.

Sanitary Applications



· Microbicides - bactericidal



· Fumigation (Fumigation)


Our partners have 25 years experience in the field of pest control and continually updating their sources of domestic and foreign literature have a high degree of expertise, supported by additional modern equipment.


The training of our staff are permanent and falls in the evaluation process by senior management of our company.


Provide at the end of each license application for the control of the health authorities.


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