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APM specializes in garden architecture from 2000, by creating indoor and outdoor green spaces that blend geometrically with the surrounding area.

By integrating the simplicity of natural elements with a wide range of construction materials, a harmonious balance of scale, proportion and contrast is reached. We challenge awakening our clients to the possibilities of their space, since this allows us to give a personal touch and character to our projects.

We operate in a creative environment in Athens, which consists of experienced professionals with technical expertise and creative spirit, while our projects vary from small to large scale all over Greece.


Garden architecture is a form of expression and artistic creation, targeting on a balance with the natural environment and the improvement of quality of life.

Our goal is to surpass the notion of landscape architecture providing merely practical solutions, but to create spaces characterized by function and imagination.

«Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better» - Albert Einstein

Landscape Architecture


Organization –Study:

Autopsy and space study based on client’s needs, thorough studies in irrigation systems, lighting, gardening and architectural designs. Proposals on outdoor decoration, rock constructions, fountains etc.

Garden Construction:                   

Garden engineering, small gardens, atrium, patios, trellis, special constructions, drain-pipes, civil works.

Garden Maintenance:                  

Private houses, professional spaces, condominiums.

Special Services:                              

Illness treatments, specialized sprays, service of irrigation network.